Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pre-Production on THE BEDWETTER

Greenie Films is in pre-production on our new narrative short film, THE BEDWETTER.

THE BEDWETTER, set in 1975, is the coming of age story of an almost 11-year-old Tomboy dealing with bullies, bedwetting, and a new Stepmother.

We had our first casting session last week, with the amazing casting director (and dear friend) Danielle Eskinazi and we saw some incredible actors (non-union, due to our humble, low budget). Casting #2 is this Thursday and we hope to make casting decisions over the weekend!

ALSO::::: We're looking for a talented team of creatives to work on Wardrobe, Prop/Set Styling, etc. so keep your eyes open and send any crazy-talented folks our way so we can have a chat.

Filming is scheduled for August 1, 2 & 3 in the Los Angeles area and the whole GREENIE FILMS team are gleeful (truly!) and excited to be putting this whole magical project together!

More soon!

XO Michelle & Barbara


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