Friday, September 27, 2013

Actors In Their Own Words

Greenie Films is proud to present ACTORS IN THEIR OWN WORDS an ongoing web series of true narrative shorts. 

The series features actors telling their own real stores in their own words.

Our pilot webisodes feature Victor Rivers sharing his own story as a survivor and activist in the movement to end violence against women and children.

Monday, March 18, 2013

New Documentary Project - Packed in a Trunk

We are thrilled to be working on Packed in a Trunk, a documentary film about Edith Lake Wilkinson, a gifted and prolific lesbian artist from the early 20th Century who was locked away in an asylum for reasons unknown. All of her artwork was packed into trunks and she was never heard from again.  Her work was discovered 40 years later in a relative’s attic.

The film will follow Edith’s Great Niece, Emmy Award Winning writer/director Jane Anderson as she tries to solve the mystery of Edith’s lost life and the journey to return her work to Provincetown where Edith once lived and thrived as an artist.

For more details about Edith Lake Wilkinson please visit the website:

Friday, February 01, 2013

THE BEDWETTER short film now available on iTunes!!

Greenie Films sweet and quirky short film THE BEDWETTER is now available on iTunes!!!

View THE BEDWETTER trailer:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Greenie Films on the set: "Scared About Life Without Oprah"

We were THRILLED and DELIGHTED to help out our dear friend, Writer and Comedienne MAXINE LAPIDUSS a few weeks ago in the shooting and production of the music video for her BRILLIANT comedy song, "SCARED ABOUT LIFE WITHOUT OPRAH" . 

Barbara Green  served as Director of Photography and Lighting Genius

and Michelle Boyaner was AD, DigiTech and official "Shhhh-sher"

The song tells a tale of a woman who can't imagine life without her daily dose of O, but also worried she's blown her last chance to get discovered by Oprah herself. 

  It also has a guest appearance by Glee's Jane Lynch.

The song was produced by Wendy and Lisa (of "Prince" fame) who recently won an Emmy for writing the Nurse Jackie theme. 

The impressive and complete cast credits are available at 

The song was co-written with Michael Orland – asst. musical director on 
American Idol and pop song writing diva, Allee Willis (September, theme from Friends, the musical The Color Purple) to name a few.

Go check out  SCARED ABOUT LIFE WITHOUT OPRAH, and help us spread the word!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Greenie Films on the set...

Filmmakers Barbara Green and Michelle Boyaner on set recently for a music video shoot in Los Angeles.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Super Overdue Updates from Greenie Films

Helloooo to all you crazy/wonderful GREENIE FILMS Enthusiasts!!!

Apologies for our lack of updates, we've been busy DOING and MAKING and CREATING (and then napping!)

Our most recent short film, THE BEDWETTER, played several festivals this past year and enjoyed great success and wonderful reviews (and the audiences loved it!). 

Check out this review we received from THE INDEPENDENT CRITIC film blog: (Scroll down to "The Bedwetter")

REVIEW of THE BEDWETTER from The Independent Critic

THE BEDWETTER was also awarded BEST SHORT FILM by Fresno Reel Pride Film Festival

and tied for 2nd place at Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival!!!

Our sweet little film made friends everywhere it went!

Also as a reminder, our feature-length documentary, A FINISHED LIFE: The Goodbye and No Regrets Tour is available on DVD from First Run Features  and is also available for rent on Netflix and iTunes.

MORE NEWS to follow soon!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

World Premiere of THE BEDWETTER in Toronto

THE BEDWETTER had its WORLD PREMIERE at INSIDE OUT, Toronto's LGBT Film Festival on Saturday and was a GREAT SUCCESS!!! We hear the audience laughed and sighed and rooted in all the right places, and applauded enthusiastically as the credits rolled!!

We wish we could have been there, but here are a couple of camera phone pics of the film on the big screen:

Many thanks to our dear friend and composer JANE FORD for being in attendance and representing us at the screening!

MORE NEWS to follow!!!

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