Monday, November 13, 2006


Greenie Films is currently in post production on A FINISHED LIFE: The Goodbye and No Regrets Tour , a feature-length documentary about Gregg Gour, a 48-year-old HIV positive gay man who is on the road trip of his life.

Gregg was HIV positive for twenty-four years and in July 2004 he chose to go off of his HIV/AIDS medication, as the side-effects of the medications were making him sicker than the virus itself. He decided that he no longer wanted to fight death. In December of 2005 he was given six months to live and made another decision: He would buy an RV and travel cross country with his dog, Cody, saying goodbye to family and friends.

A FINISHED LIFE: The Goodbye and No Regrets Tour is a loving portrait of Gregg’s journey.

If you'd like to support the completion of our film you can make a tax deductible donation to our 501(c)(3) sponsor, the International Documentary Association. Please follow the link below and click on "Make a Donation" under A FINISHED LIFE: The Goodbye and No Regrets Tour.

If you'd like to send a check, make check payable to:IDA or International Documentary Association and write "A FINISHED LIFE" in the memo. Send to:

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