Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our World Premiere: Wow, That was AMAZING!!

We're back in Los Angeles and are THRILLED to report to all of you that the
"World Premiere" of our documentary, A Finished Life: The Goodbye & No Regrets Tour,
at FRAMELINE 32, was a huge success!!!

We started our trip up to Frameline in SF by "papering the town" with various sizes of
"A Finished Life" posters and postcards. We were surprised by the
"it's NEVER this hot in San Francisco" HEATWAVE that greeted us, and found it both challenging and weight-reducing to walk the streets in almost 100 degree heat, putting up our posters wherever a blank piece of bulletin board or utility pole would allow:


and one including the heatwave-fighting filmmakers:

We were LUCKY to have many very special guests in town for the screening, including:

Gregg's Aunt Sue and Mother Bonnie

Gregg's Best Friend Paul

And Gregg's Dear Friend Joyce (pictured with Gregg's Mom, Bonnie)

PLUS....a wonderful group of FRIENDS and FAMILY who made the trip up for the screening too, but we still wondered what size crowd we'd have for our premiere at The Roxie....

We were FLOORED/THRILLED/BLOWN AWAY by the crowd. The theater was packed and the audiences response was INCREDIBLE. The laughs were HUGE laughs... and the TEARS.. those were huge, too. Several times we heard a chorus of sniffles that filled the theater.

After the screening, the audience gave us an AMAZINGLY GENEROUS and VERY ENTHUSIASTIC round of applause, followed by an additional HUGE and LENGTHY round of CHEERING and APPLAUSE for Gregg's Mom, Bonnie, after which we all did a Q&A with the audience:

Due to the incredible response at the screening (including being solicited by several other festivals whose programming people were in our audience) we are planning a
LOS ANGELES SCREENING, sometime toward the end of July. If you are interested in attending that screening, please email us and we will add you to the guest list.

Once again, we were humbled to have had the opportunity to tell Gregg's story and to have received THAT response from the audience was more than we could have asked for.

Big THANK YOU's to FRAMELINE, The San Francisco Audience, and all the FRIENDS and FAMILY that were in attendance.

We can't wait to share MORE GOOD NEWS with you in the coming weeks!!

All the best,
Barbara & Michelle
Greenie Films