Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Greenie Films on the set: "Scared About Life Without Oprah"

We were THRILLED and DELIGHTED to help out our dear friend, Writer and Comedienne MAXINE LAPIDUSS a few weeks ago in the shooting and production of the music video for her BRILLIANT comedy song, "SCARED ABOUT LIFE WITHOUT OPRAH" . 

Barbara Green  served as Director of Photography and Lighting Genius

and Michelle Boyaner was AD, DigiTech and official "Shhhh-sher"

The song tells a tale of a woman who can't imagine life without her daily dose of O, but also worried she's blown her last chance to get discovered by Oprah herself. 

  It also has a guest appearance by Glee's Jane Lynch.

The song was produced by Wendy and Lisa (of "Prince" fame) who recently won an Emmy for writing the Nurse Jackie theme. 

The impressive and complete cast credits are available at 

The song was co-written with Michael Orland – asst. musical director on 
American Idol and pop song writing diva, Allee Willis (September, theme from Friends, the musical The Color Purple) to name a few.

Go check out  SCARED ABOUT LIFE WITHOUT OPRAH, and help us spread the word!!


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